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Legal and Government Advocacy and Representation
Kordenbrock & Associates, P.C.  bring to its clients over 16 years of experience in federal and state campaign finance and election law. Having almost a decade of managing Nonprofit Corporations such as trade associations and charitable organizations, the attorneys at Kordenbrock & Associates, P.C. understand first-hand the operational and legal issues facing these institutions.
The attorneys at Kordenbrock & Associates, P.C. also represent parents and guardians in child welfare cases, adoptions and guardianship proceedings.
Kordenbrock & Associates, P.C. delivers the results you need for the success you deserve. 
215 S. Washington Sq., Suite C
Lansing, MI 48933


Meet the partners
    Jean E. Kordenbrock
    Jean practices in the areas of campaign finance and election law, and law relating to the organization of both charitable organizations and trade associations.  Jean also handles the firm's charitable gaming issues. 






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